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Best Canadian Cashback Casinos and Bonuses ⭐ March 2024

You don't have to make a deposit to enjoy bonuses at a casino; sometimes, losing money is enough: that's exactly how a casino cashback bonus works. With this promotion, you can recover some of your online gambling losses on a regular basis and continue playing. Below we explain how cashback casino bonuses work and list the best online casinos that offer this amazing promotion.

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Started2 years ago
10% Cashback Bonus every Tuesday!
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Cash Back
Started2 years ago
Cashback Bonus 11%
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Cash Back Low Wager Welcome

What is a Cashback Casino Bonus?

A cashback bonus is just one of the gambling promotions you can find in online casinos, but it works differently than the others. This offer does not match your deposits or give free spins. Instead, it refunds a certain portion of the money you lost while playing games to your account. The money returned through cashback promotions is usually wager-free, meaning you can use it or withdraw it without having to complete wagering requirements.

Pros and cons of casino cashback bonuses:

  • ✔️
    Casino cashback bonuses can be a great way to earn extra rewards and incentives when playing at your favourite online casino.
  • ✔️
    Cashback bonuses can help you recover losses that you may have incurred while gambling.
  • ✔️
    These bonuses can provide you with additional funds to play with, increasing your chances of winning.
  • Casino cashback bonuses may have certain conditions and requirements.
  • In some cases, you may need to gamble a certain amount before receiving your cashback bonus.

How Does an Online Casino Cashback Bonus Work?

Cashback casino bonuses are mostly automatic, meaning you don't need to do anything specific – except to lose money. Online casinos may sometimes require you to lose a certain amount within a certain period of time (for example, a week), but other than that, a cashback bonus is almost always automatic.

Started3 years ago
Welcome Bonus 100% Up To 500€ + 50 Free Spins
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Min Dep€20,

Bonus Percentage %
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Started3 years ago
100% Back on your First 4 Deposits
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Min Dep€10,

Bonus Percentage %
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Started3 years ago
400% Bonus Up To €1000
Bonus summary


Min Dep€20,

Bonus Percentage %
Bonus features
Started2 years ago
100% Bonus Up To €200 On Your First Deposit
Bonus summary


Min Dep€10,

Bonus Percentage %
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Started2 years ago
1st Deposit Bonus 150% to $600 + 50 FS
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Min Dep€20,

Bonus amount €0,
Bonus Percentage 0%
Bonus features
50 Free Spins Free Spins Welcome
Started2 years ago
Welcome package $1200 + 250 FS
Bonus summary


Min Dep30 CAD,

Bonus amount €0,
Bonus Percentage 0%
Bonus features
$200 Bonus or 200 FS Free Spins Welcome

1. Sign Up

Start by becoming a member of one of the cashback casinos: in order not to waste time and make wrong choices, you can choose one of the best casino cashback bonuses we recommend.

2. Find the Offer on the Homepage

Log into your casino account with your user details and find this bonus on the homepage (or promotions page). Find out what the maximum refund limit is.

3. Read the Terms and Conditions

But don't settle for that and read all the terms of use of the bonus carefully. Note whether there is a minimum loss limit. Likewise, you may also need to use a code.

4. Make a Deposit

To trigger this bonus, you must lose money anyway, for which you must first make a deposit. Start playing for real money by making your deposit, and remember that if you lose, some of your losses will be refunded.

Casino Cashback Percentage Explained

The cashback rate will determine the amount you can win back with a cashback bonus at an online casino. Just like match bonuses, these promotions are offered at different odds, usually between 3% and 50%. The most common cashback bonus rates in the market are:

Top casino cashback percentages:

Cashback Percentage Explanation
3% cashback This is a very common rate and can be seen even in daily cashback offers.
5% cashback A common rate offered to both new and existing members.
10% cashback We can say that it is the most common rate among weekly cashback bonuses.
25% cashback This is a high rate and is mostly seen in monthly cashback bonuses.
50% cashback A very rare rate, it may require reaching a certain level in the loyalty program.

How Casino Cashback Gets Calculated?

A cashback offer is calculated using different formulas. In other words, online casino sites use a formula to determine the amount of money you can get back with this bonus, and this formula is different at each site. You can see a sample cashback deal formula below:

  • (Deposit – Withdrawal + Bonuses + Current Balance) x (Cashback Rate) = Cashback Amount

This formula considers deposits, withdrawals, and bonuses made within a certain period (for example, a week) when calculating. In this regard, a single and fixed formula is not used: some online casinos may also choose to simply refund a certain percentage of the total amount lost. You can learn how cashback casino bonuses are calculated by reading the bonus terms of use. In most casinos, it is also possible to track the amount of cashback you are entitled to in real time from your profile.

The most useful links based on players feedback:

Cashback Bonus Codes

We mentioned above that cashback casino bonuses are mostly automatic. But in some cases, you may also need to use a special code to activate them. Online gambling bonuses activated with a code are quite common, and cashback casino sites also use them. These no deposit casino bonus codes for existing players may consist of short words, as well as a series of numbers and letters. In any case, they must be used to activate the cashback offer.

You can do this by entering the relevant code in the section of the same name on the registration form or on your profile page. Cashback casino bonuses with codes usually need to be redeemed within a certain time frame, so we recommend using these codes as soon as possible.

Cashback Casino Bonuses for New Players

Cashback casino bonuses are mostly offered to existing members to reward their loyalty, but sometimes new members can also take advantage of them. In this case, the cashback offer works a little differently. Cashback casinos refund a certain portion of the amount lost by new players in the first 24 hours. Such daily cashback offers can be used only once and can sometimes include high return rates.

The difference from other new member bonuses is clear: online casino sites offer deposit match bonuses (welcome package) mainly to new players; that is, they match the deposit made at a certain rate. A cashback offer, on the other hand, is triggered by the money you lose, not the deposit you make, and the best casinos do not require you to complete wagering requirements for the refunded money. Therefore, it is possible to say that cashback casino bonuses are more advantageous.

Cashback Bonus Terms & Conditions

In order to make the most of the offers in online cashback casinos, it is necessary to pay attention to the terms of use, not the rate of return. In other words, the first thing you should do is read the terms and conditions of use of the bonus, as they will determine how beneficial the offer will be. While doing this, we advise you to pay particular attention to the following points:

Some of the most common terms and conditions that are worth keeping in mind concerning casino cashback bonuses in Canada are:

Casino Cashback Bonus Rules Explanation
⚡️ Special Games You may only be allowed to use the refunded money in a certain game type. For example, you cannot play progressive slots, but you can play video slots.
⚡️ Maximum Limit There will almost always be a maximum limit on the money you can get back with the cashback bonus. For example, you are not allowed to receive returns of more than 2,000 CAD per week.
⚡️ Time Limit A cashback bonus will always consider your losses within a certain time frame. This interval can be 24 hours, a week, or a month. Likewise, it may need to be used within a certain period (for example, during Easter).
⚡️ Game Contribution In some cases, only your losses in a certain game type are considered. For example, the bonus is only calculated based on your losses on the slot machines.
⚡️ Wagering Requirement Offers at the best cashback casinos do not require you to complete a wagering requirement, but in some rare cases, this may still be the case at some sites. In this case, make sure the wagering requirement is not higher than 5x.

Cashback Casino Sites: What Games are Available?

Unless otherwise stated, all games at cashback casinos will be taken into account in the calculation of this bonus. In other words, your losses in different games such as slots, blackjack, roulette, poker, and live casino games will be included in this promotion. You can find hundreds of games in different categories on a cashback casino site, and you can try your luck in all of them. A cashback offer will count towards your losses in all these games.

The best casino slots to play with cashback bonus:
Fire Joker - The best classic slot

Features: Bonus Game, Bonus wheel, Jackpot, Multiplier, Respins

Fruit Shop (NetEnt) - The best fruit slot

Features: FreeSpins, Mega Reel, Multiplier, RTP range, Wild

Jungle Spirit: Call of the Wild - The best 3D slot

Features: Expanding Symbols, FreeSpins, Multiplier, Random bonus symbols, Wild

Book of Doom - The best bonus buy slot

Features: Bonus buy slots, Bonus wheel, Expanding Symbols, Risk/Gamble (Double) game, Wild

Big Cat King Megaways - The best Megaways slot

Features: Bonus buy slots, Bonus wheel, Buy Feature, FreeSpins, Megaways, Multiway (+1024), Wild

Age of the Gods King of Olympus - The best jackpot slot

Feature: Substitution Symbols, FreeSpins, Jackpot, Multiplier, Scatter symbols, Wild

However, as we mentioned above, it is also possible that this bonus is offered exclusively for your losses in a certain game type (for example, slot machines) or a certain category (for example, all games in the live casino section). You can learn the clearest information on this subject by reading the terms of use of the bonus.

Types of Casino Cashback Bonuses

Types of Casino Cashback Bonuses

In its simplest and most common form, this promotion will refund a certain portion of your losses, but like other gambling offers, cashback bonuses come in different forms. Sometimes you don't even have to lose money to get a cashback.

Below, we list the most common types of this promotion on online casino sites.
  • ✔️
    Cashback bonus from the deposit: In this type of bonus, you will receive a refund of some of the deposits you make within a certain interval (for example, two weeks). You don't have to lose money: the online casino will automatically refund, for example, 10% of your deposits into your account.
  • ✔️
    Loss cashback: This is the most common type of promotion, and this article is dedicated to it. As we mentioned above, it allows you to get some of your losses back.
  • ✔️
    Receive a percentage from the bets made: You do not have to lose money in this bonus either: you will receive a certain amount of your wagered money back (whether you win or lose). The difference in “cashback from deposit” is that it is not enough to just deposit, it is also necessary to use that money for gaming.

1. Cashback on Welcome Bonuses

Cashback on Welcome Bonuses

This type of bonus is offered to new members and refunds a certain portion of the losses incurred within a certain period (usually the first 24 hours), as explained above. It is a more advantageous offer than the classic match deposit bonuses, as it does not require a wagering requirement. However, it can only be used once.

2. VIP Program Cashback

VIP Program Cashback

Cashback bonuses can also be offered as a reward in a loyalty program. In this case, members who reach a certain level in the loyalty program can benefit from it, and the cashback rate also varies according to the loyalty level. Those who reach the VIP level in this program can benefit from the highest rates.

3. Weekly Casino Cashback Bonuses

Weekly Casino Cashback Bonuses

This is the most common type of this promotion. On a certain day each week (usually Monday), a certain part of the losses from the previous week is automatically returned to the player account. Since they are not included in a loyalty program, new members can also start to benefit from the bonus from their second week.

4. Daily Cashbacks

Daily Cashbacks

This bonus is offered to every member in the casino and automatically refunds a certain portion of the losses incurred in the last 24 hours. For the same reason, its return rates are a little lower (usually ranging from 3% to 5%).

5. Cashback Bonuses for Events

Cashback Bonuses for Events

Online casinos hold seasonal promotions on special days such as Easter, Christmas, Black Friday, and cashback bonuses are a part of them. In this case, the bonus is valid only during the seasonal event and offers high refund rates of 25%.

6. Live Casino Cashback Sites

Live Casino Cashback Sites

This type of bonus is exclusive to live casino games only. In other words, only your losses in games played against a real dealer are considered. It can be daily, weekly, or monthly depending on its content.

7. Bitcoin Casino Cashback Bonus

Bitcoin Casino Cashback Bonus

It is also possible to take advantage of this promotion on Bitcoin casino sites too. There is no change in the way the bonus works, but the refund is made in cryptocurrency (e.g. Bitcoin), not Fiat currency (CAD).

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Cashback Crediting Timeline

It is also possible to categorize cashback bonuses according to the way they are activated. In this regard, the most common options in online casinos are:

  • Automatic: The bonus is triggered automatically on a specific day (for example, Monday every week).
  • After a certain period: The bonus is triggered automatically at the end of a certain period (for example, when the Easter event ends).
  • Upon request: You must reach support to claim the bonus. Agents manually define the bonus to your account.
Benefits of Casino Cashback
  • ✔️
    You trigger this bonus not by depositing but by losing money. Therefore, it is not necessary to make continuous and regular deposits.
  • ✔️
    As there is no wagering requirement, you can use or withdraw the refunded money immediately.
  • ✔️
    Even if you exhaust your monthly budget, you can continue to play with the money returned.

Final Words About Cashback Casino Sites

Cashback bonuses are one of the most advantageous promotions in Canadian online casinos, and all players should take advantage of them. With this promotion, you can limit your losses and continue playing for real money without making a deposit. Always  remember to gamble responsibly and within your means. It's also important to check the terms and conditions of any bonus or promotion before you opt-in, so that you're aware of the wagering requirements and other conditions attached. Use responsible gaming tips to make your experience more enjoyable and limit your losses. Therefore, we recommend that you start playing right now by claiming one of the best casino cashback bonuses we have selected for you: good luck!

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💵 How much of cashback money can be withdrawn?

This depends on whether the bonus has a maximum cashout limit. Some Canadian online casinos set a limit of 500 CAD, for example, in which case you cannot withdraw more than that even if the cashback amount is higher.

⚖️ Are cashback bonuses legal in Canada?

All bonuses offered by any casino whose license allows accepting Canadian players are legal. The legality of the cashback bonuses offer is determined accordingly: if you are playing at a licensed casino that can serve Canada, you do not have to worry at all.

🎁 Why do online casinos offer cashback bonuses?

Casino cashback offers are one of the most effective promotions for both recruiting new members and encouraging existing members to play. Casinos make the refund from the player's money, not their own funds, so this promotion is also advantageous for them.

❔ How often are casino cashbacks paid out?

Cashback casinos have different practices in this regard, but it is possible to say that the most common is the weekly cashback offers. In other words, cashback offers are automatically triggered on a certain day each week (usually Monday).

🔎 How to find the best cashback bonuses for casinos?

You can review all the cashback deals individually and continuously, but this is not a practical option and is very time-consuming. Instead, we recommend that you follow our site: we evaluate all casino cashback offers and select the best ones.