My Casino Evaluation Method: Change Log

I try to enhance my approach to rating online casinos to provide you only with the most reliable and attractive gambling websites. On this page, you will discover the latest updates to my evaluation method.

January 01, 2021: v 2.0

I standardized my principle of the casino rating compilation. New detailed instructions for analyzing any gambling website were added. As a rule, they include the following steps:

  • 🔐Check out the safety of an online casino
  • 🃏 Pay attention to available casino games
  • 💰 Analyse the bonus offer
  • 📱 Opt for mobile-friendly casinos
  • 💷 Find out about available payment methods
  • ☎ Choose CA casinos with live chat

Due to these criteria, you can check out the most important aspects of an online casino. I use them to decide whether a gambling brand is worth the time and money of my readers or not.

November 09, 2020: v 1.4

Considering the rising number of tricky online casinos, I created my Blacklist. I strongly recommend checking out whether your online casino isn’t there before making a deposit. If a new owner starts operating a website, they may take advantage of its customers. Luckily, I’ll help you to avoid this situation.

October 19, 2020: v 1.3

I started paying careful attention to T&C while analyzing online casinos because a lot of my readers turned out to be bonus hunters (which is certainly a bad idea).

October 09, 2020: v 1.2

Added a new nomination, “Best Welcome Bonus”, on many of my casino lists.

September 09, 2020: v 1.1

Started creating nominations to choose the best casino, which totally meets one of several specific requirements. Started adding the best gambling websites in nominations on the pages with the casino lists.

June 09, 2020: v 1.0

My principle of the casino rating compilation is based on my general impression of the casino’s fairness and its players’ reviews.

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